I'm not your average celebrant

I recently won The Best Wedding Celebrant in Yorkshire and North East at the prestigious The 2019 Wedding Industry Awards.

It’s such an honour to win this award which is decided by real client feedback. It marks the end of an incredible first year for me as an independent celebrant. I’m so pleased to hear my couples have loved my ceremonies as much as I have loved working with them.

For me, the exciting benefit of working with a celebrant is the opportunity to rip up the rule book. It’s perfect for couples who want a truly bespoke ceremony that reflects your vibe and personality.

I pride myself on bringing integrity to your ceremony, I will spend time getting to know my clients so I can make the perfect suggestions from content and music to sharing ideas for symbolic rituals. 

Adding rituals and traditions to your ceremony is one meaningful way to include your values and beliefs on your wedding day.  One of the most simple and beautiful ways is to use a candle. Light is one of the most universal and fundamental symbols. It can represent the spiritual, the divine and intelligence. In illumination, light is seen as a source of goodness and reality. Adding light to a ceremony can demonstrate unity, a new beginning and act as a source of comfort in dark times.

Celebrant ceremonies offer couples an unlimited choice on where and when you can have your wedding celebration and there is no restriction on content or style. It’s a great choice for couples who want something alternative, that’s going to wow your guests. It can also be a budget friendly way to have the wedding of your dreams.

I’ve always been inspired by the truth of love, how it uplifts and can heal us. There is no greater feeling than at the start of a ceremony when you can feel how much love surrounds the couple. I really enjoy encouraging my couples to think outside the box, together we’ll craft a masterpiece that will evoke feelings that will last a lifetime.

What you can expect from me after you've made an enquiry

“What happens next?” is a common question a lot of couples ask me. You're in the driving seat but I'll be here to make sure it's a smooth ride and we have fun along the way.

It can be overwhelming having unlimited choices, where do you start? I like to get to know my couples as soon as possible. I'll give you a call or FaceTime to say hello. It's important that I'm the right fit for your day. I'll spend some time on the call getting to know what you'd like from the ceremony. You may not know the details yet but we can start to think about style and how you want to feel on the day.

Closer to the day we'll meet in person over a glass of wine or cake. We will create the format for your day and plan readings and symbolism.

After this I'll be working away in the background listening to the songs you love and a bit of Leonard Cohen for inspiration.

Next steps are sending you the draft copy. I hope you like it! At this stage you can edit, add bits in, take things out until it's right. I, like you want this ceremony to be one that's remembered for a lifetime.

How a celebrant can give you the ceremony you want.

“You’re a what?” Is often the first thing I hear when I proudly say, “I’m a celebrant.”

The truth is not that many people have heard of a celebrant or let alone considered a celebrant led ceremony for their wedding. It’s the best kept secret! It’s a shame really because a skilled celebrant has so much to offer. I can help you explore and decide on a ceremony that fits you as a couple. I meet and really get to know my couples to find out what’s important to them. We work together to create a ceremony that can include all the traditions, none of the traditions and everything in between.

One of my friends recently talked to me about her wedding day and shared;  I really wish my ceremony was less formal we only started to relax after the ceremony.  This makes me feel sad, that they didn’t enjoy what is the most meaningful part of the day.

If you want a relaxed and less formal feel, defiantly consider a celebrant they will help create the right ceremony. From discussing how you want to feel, to giving you options for your entrance and adding in some creative symbolism there are lots of ways to make it a ceremony that truly suits your personality. This can all be beautifully achieved without losing any of the importance of celebrating your love.

It was only by chance that I thought about a celebrant for my own wedding day. We wanted to marry late in the evening which wasn’t possible at the licensed venue we choose. The registrar couldn’t marry us after 4pm. Without wanting to comprise on the time we wanted to wed and our dream venue we looked at alternatives to being legally married onsite. This is when I first realised that a celebrant could give us everything we wished for, and luckily for me I happened to know one.  

Barbara really held our hand through the whole thing helping us to really think about what we wanted and then making it happen. We did the legal marriage one week earlier at the register office with both of our Mam’s then had the most memorable wedding ceremony celebration in front of our closet family and friends. 

If you want something more personal then I’d encourage you to explore alternatives for your ceremony.  Give it a go and create a day that’s as unique as you are.