Vows, the modern love letter.

I often think of writing personal vows is like the modern love letter. In our busy lives it’s a beautiful time to pause and reflect on what it is you love about your partner. You may lack the confidence to put pen to paper or wonder where to start, so here’s my advice on writing personal vows.   

Remember this isn’t about wowing your guests it’s about your connection and speaking your truth to each other. Your guests will be in awe anyway of what you say to each other because it will be personal and from the heart.   

Before you write anything down decide if you’re going to write your vows together, alone or as a surprise to each other. Whatever you choose to do find yourself a space without interruption, pour a drink and put on a song that reminds you of your love.  

These few questions will help you get your creativity flowing, there’s no wrong or right answer. 

·         What did you think when you first met, how did they make you feel?  

·         When you look back at your relationship what stands out, why?  

·         Write 5 things you love about them and think of examples.  

Is it their generosity? How do they show they have a generous soul? 

Do they inspire you? How do they do that?  

What have you learnt from them?  

What drives you crazy?  

Do you have any in jokes or quirks?  

·         What does this marriage mean to you?  

·         How would you describe your love?  

·         What do you hope for your future?  

·         How do you want your loved one to feel, when they hear their vows?  

Words that you can use to help you link your vows  

I promise to … 

Because of you I … 

I vow to fiercely … 

Thank you for …  

I’m grateful … 

Without you …  

I will always …  

Inspiration can come from anywhere a favourite song, movie or a book. Here’s some of my favourites;   

All I’ve ever wanted, all I’ve ever needed, is here in my arms  - Depeche Mode

I love you for all that you are, all that you have been, and all you’re yet to be  - Ernest Hemmingway

I don’t know where we will go from here but I promise it won’t be boring   - David Bowie