What you can expect from me after you've made an enquiry

“What happens next?” is a common question a lot of couples ask me. You're in the driving seat but I'll be here to make sure it's a smooth ride and we have fun along the way.

It can be overwhelming having unlimited choices, where do you start? I like to get to know my couples as soon as possible. I'll give you a call or FaceTime to say hello. It's important that I'm the right fit for your day. I'll spend some time on the call getting to know what you'd like from the ceremony. You may not know the details yet but we can start to think about style and how you want to feel on the day.

Closer to the day we'll meet in person over a glass of wine or cake. We will create the format for your day and plan readings and symbolism.

After this I'll be working away in the background listening to the songs you love and a bit of Leonard Cohen for inspiration.

Next steps are sending you the draft copy. I hope you like it! At this stage you can edit, add bits in, take things out until it's right. I, like you want this ceremony to be one that's remembered for a lifetime.

Where to start, when planning a wedding.

The internet is flooded with resources on how to plan your perfect day covering everything from managing a budget to recommending the latest trends in wedding decorations.

It can easily become overwhelming planning a wedding, from not knowing where to start to trying to keep everyone happy. 

I recently met with my newly engaged friend who’s planning her wedding and it got me thinking about where do you start. My recommendation would always be to agree your budget, add on a little contingency and stick to it. Agree together what’s most important to you as a couple, is it spending most of your budget on the venue or outfits or would you prefer to splurge on the catering or honeymoon. Once you know what’s important for you to have you can prioritise your spending in those areas.

Now the budget is set I’d say the next thing to consider is your venue. Here in the North East of England we have some of the best venues in the world. From historical castles to urban creative spaces, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the right venue for you.

My last piece of advice is to ask for help. If you’re pushed for time or need someone to organise your ideas call on the support of those closet to you they will be honoured to hear you’d like them to help. Delegating tasks to those you trust will make the planning more enjoyable and allow you to use your time for other things. If you don’t have that support available consider hiring a professional wedding planner they aren’t as expensive as you might think especially given the discounts they will be able to negotiate for you from their various contacts.